The benfits of using SimaTree saddle trees

Benefits for the manufacturer

  1. Reliable delivery of any quantity
  2. Saves you time and labour
  3. Consistency of product, so you can use the same patterns every time
  4. Ready to accept a seaming with no tree preparation i.e. there’s no need to web and strain, attach bellies and cantle strip, add belly fillers, cover with hessian or rasp the foam seat
  5. Saves you money as no additional materials are required
  6. Moulded seat requires no rasping – so it’s the same every time
  7. Proven balanced designs which position the rider in the centre
  8. The trees will not warp or twist
  9. Symmetrical design makes it easier to cut your patterns & assemble the saddles
  10. Location recesses ensure stirrup bars are always attached correctly
  11. Fully guaranteed for your peace of mind
  12. Conform to BS7875 standard

Benefits for the rider

  1. The tree is balanced to deliberately position the rider in the centre of the saddle and at its lowest point. As well as encouraging a better posture, this also locates the rider in a more stable position, resulting in better balance.
  2. The foam seat is extremely comfortable and will not deteriorate with use or age.
  3. SimaTree saddle trees will not stretch, warp or crack like 'traditional' saddle trees.
  4. SimaTree are so confident that their product will outlast and outperform any other that they have included a 10 year guarantee. Riders can therefore be reassured that they will not be faced with the expense of replacing their saddle's tree.
  5. The SimaTree tag on a saddle proves that the manufacturer has used quality internal components.
  6. As a customer, very little is usually known about the internal structure of a saddle, but the SimaTree tag will enable you to make a more informed and confident buying decision in the same way that the 'Intel inside' sticker on a PC is a symbol of quality recognised by both manufacturers and consumers.