SimaTree Saddle Trees - The sign of a symmetrical tree

SimaTree is an innovative company that was launched at BETA99 which specialises in the manufacture of saddle trees made from modern materials. The new SimaTree designs are set to revolutionise a traditional industry which has been stagnant for years. In the past, saddle manufacturers have been dependant on tree manufacturers and their products have been restricted by the inconsistency of tree designs and lengthy delivery problems.

SimaTree offers a comprehensive range of trees designed and moulded using the latest computer aided design and manufacturing processes. Every tree is symmetrical, consistent and fully guaranteed and the company is set up to offer you very attractive lead times.

Just like the 'Intel inside' sticker on a PC, the SimaTree tag attached to a saddle should be identified as a symbol of quality and reliability that represents peace of mind for both the manufacturer and user.

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